History of the Basilica National Shrine of Our Lady of Coromoto Patron of Venezuela

The National Shrine of Our Lady of Coromoto patron of Venezuela, was built in the place of the second apparition, where the Blessed Virgin gave the Cacique Coromoto her Holy image.

In 1975 Monsignor Angel Polacini Bishop of Guanare, invited the Congregation of the Servants of the Blessed Sacrament to found the Retreat House Our Lady of Coromoto. That's when this group of nuns take the initiative to bring the proposal to Rome for the creation of a temple in veneration of the Virgin of Coromoto. The construction started in 1982 slowly because the resources were not enough to make rapid progress.

In the 14 years of construction, the work went through difficult times. There was a year where the works were completely paralyzed by lack of resources. Later, it was the same for a period of six months. But despite all these setbacks, the work is completely finished in record time in February 1996.

The sanctuary was consecrated on January 7, 1996, and opened with a solemn Mass presided over by His Holiness John Paul II on February 10, 1996.

Internally the sanctuary is divided into three parts. On the first floor is the main altar, shaped hut with a stained glass window which depicts the story of the Virgin, from the onset until the coronation. Behind the altar is the Throne of the Virgin, which reflects in the sight of pilgrims Heritage Santa Fe Relic Divine origin, the Mother of God delivered them into the hands of the Indian Coromoto the September 8, 1652. Two altars more complete the majesty of the place. On the left side is the Book of the Blessed Sacrament Altar, in this you have Jesus in the Holy consecrated as the name implies Host. The right side is the San Juan Bautista Altar, which is where baptisms are done and has a representation of the apparition of the Virgin. Cross stained glass, measuring 110 square meters, symbolizing the Holy Trinity and all his might in a triangle. God the Father reflected hands, crucified Christ and the Holy Spirit as a dove, all this is adorned with prairie reasons, many flowers, branches, palms, flora and Portuguese, to give property.


Musseum of Saint John Paul II in his visit to the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Coromoto