Conservation Treatment to the Holy Relic of Our Lady of Coromoto (March 2009)
Santa Reliquia Virgen de Coromoto



Dearly beloved priests, religious, lay apostolate movements, all the faithful in the Lord and the Virgin of Coromoto. Peace and Grace of God shine upon you always.

With immense joy and overflowing with joy in the Lord I want to inform you all civil authorities municipal, military, all the forces of the city of Guanare, priests, religious, movements of lay apostolate and other faithful, on the restoration of the original relic of the Virgin of Coromoto.

With the approval of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference in full in January 2009 we proceeded to the restoration of the relic of the Virgin of Coromoto after several studies by experts skilled in this art.

The report presented to the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference presented was very thorough and the poor state of the Holy Relic and the high risk involved with the restoration project. However, our bishops risked, with the confidence that the Blessed Virgin would intervene in this important task.

Studied all the required measures proceeded March 9, 2009 to the installation of the laboratory where three experts in restoration, a photographer, a recording secretary for each day and Father Manuel Brito, chief of the Diocesan Bishop, would be permanently present time it was necessary.

It took five days, when the estimate was several weeks for the Holy Relic was ready. Throughout the restoration process Divine Providence interventions and surprised us with supernatural manifestations.

The Holy Relic has been restored and preserved in a high percentage of disrepair that it was. It has produced a detailed report of the whole process of restoration and the current state of the Holy Relic. This report will be presented at the Holy Cathedral Church of Guanare during certain days of the novena of the feast of the Virgin of Coromoto, from 29 August to 8 September. It will be informed by the media, radio, television and newspapers. He also will give a press conference from the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference to introduce nationwide process, development and results of the restoration of the Holy Relic of Our Lady of Coromoto.

Dear children, God booked for these difficult times we live in faith with our people, a surprisingly large gift to the restoration of the Holy Relic that was in the hands of the chief of the Cospes Indians.

Today, with the data we have and expect to make studies, we can say with great joy that the holy relic of the Virgin of Coromoto is authentic, it is a godsend prepared by the Blessed Virgin for the Venezuelan people. The Holy Relic was miraculously preserved and was miraculously restored. All material that is formed is of the time of apparition and the aboriginal culture of the family of the Cospes.

Many conclusions, findings and many wonders could tell about the sacred relic of the Virgin of Coromoto, but we're hoping to make some publications.

This year, then, the solemn celebration of the Virgin of Coromoto coated, for us, the faithful of the diocese of Guanare and for the whole country, a very special reason for thanksgiving and joy Marian.

We are facing a momentous event and of particular importance in the religious and Marian history of Venezuela and the world. With this restoration work this year we can say to the world that the manifestations of the Virgin Mary a real and legitimate sign of her intervention, the Holy Relic is now recovered and properly preserved. There are only two relics  authentic and original Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico and of Coromoto in Guanare.

Thank God this year and celebrate with special joy this event. We sincerely thank all those who generously contributed silently to the restoration of the Virgin of Coromoto: Mr. José Luis Matheus and Partnership "Foundation Jesus Maria Road" restorers, the photographer Lord, Father Manuel Brito and many we silently accompanied in this process.

Let us try to read the key faith that the Mother of God says to the Catholic Church and all Venezuelans in this portent of her maternal love in 2009.

The gift of being able to restore the holy relic in the Basilica National Shrine is a passionate invitation of the Blessed Virgin to restore her maternal presence in the heart and life of Venezuelans since the Great Continental Mission we are starting in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Particularly invited to organize the novena to the Virgin of Coromoto for family meetings in every Parish or Parish Vicar between August 29 and September 7. In particular the visit of the pilgrim image of Our Lady of Coromoto in Guanare Parishes will have. We hope the massive presence of the different parish delegations to the Eucharistic celebration on September 8 at the Shrine and 11 in the Field of the Coronation. Later we announce by radio stations, TRP (Portuguese Regional Television) special programming and newspapers that have to mark the solemnity of 8 and 11 September.

United in faith and love to the Virgin of Coromoto, as we vibrate Church Diocesan Marian joy attached to all Venezuelans that again turn their gaze to Guanare, they meet the beautiful Lady and in this hour of hope and presence between God and his people he sings in the words of Ecclesiastes: "Who is this that comes forth like the dawn, as beautiful as the moon, as resplendent as the sun, as awe-inspiring as bannered troops?".

It is Mary of Coromoto in the center of our Venezuelan history, it appears again, close, Creole, Indian dressed, and asks us to return to the roots of our Catholic Christian faith to renew Venezuela.

These our letters will be read to our people in the Eucharistic celebration of 16 and 23 August.

Given, signed and sealed in our diocesan curia.

August 15, day of the Assumption of Our Lady.

Mons. José Sotero Valero Ruz

V Bishop of Guanare

Pbro. Dennis Teran

Vice Chancellor


Findings Holy Relic of Our Lady of Coromoto


Between 9 and 15 March of the year 2009 the Holy Relic of Our Lady of Coromoto Patroness of Venezuela was submitted to a treatment of conservation, with the approval of the Venezuelan Episcopal Conference.

Monsignor Valero Ruz V Bishop of the Diocese of Guanare, in a press conference, pointed out that in this way was tested in the world only two relics of the Virgin there is authentic and original: the Virgin of Guadalupe, in Mexico, and our Lady of Coromoto in Guanare.

He explained that the restoration of the relic was carried out by experts Pablo González, Carmen Díaz and Nancy Morella Jimenez, this last responsible for restoring the Act of independence of Venezuela, accompanied by the Mr. José Luis Matheus of the Foundation Maria way Jesus and the father Manuel Brito.

The Bishop also said that: "the restoration process took five days and which was carried out in a laboratory at the National Shrine in Guanare".

The interdisciplinary team to perform microscopic study detected elements or findings that until now were unknown. It was proved the authenticity of the Relic divine as a prodigy of God, found surprising findings: presence of several indigenous symbols, the Crown of the Virgin and Child are typically indigenous. The eyes of the Virgin that measure less than 1 millimeter, they have presence of iris and to observe in depth the left eye, has characteristics of a human eye, differs with clarity the eye globe, lacrimal duct, iris and a small point of light where you could see a human with special characteristics figure, so far it was thought that the eyes of the Virgin were a few simple points.

The restorers explained that: "the PH of the water where it was kept submerged image by 18 minutes to be detached from the glass, gave 7, i.e. a visibly yellowish, greenish water, but with a PH of pure 100% unexplained"

Pablo González experts explained that: "the Relic is attached in the paper, are perfect and embossed strokes, but the amazing thing is that the paper not absorbed ink". "For the time, there was only the ink and is more proven than this, to be drawn on a paper cotton, similar to a napkin, not only adhere but it expands, cos that did not take place with the image of the relic and scientifically has no explanation".

Pablo Gonzalez also added that: "cutting edge techniques were used in relation to the control of lighting, temperature and humidity. "We made use of more sophisticated equipment to ensure a perfect job: camera humidification, humidity and temperature control equipment and chemical reagents suitable for restoration".

Santa Reliquia Virgen de Coromoto
Santa Reliquia Virgen de Coromoto Santa Reliquia Virgen de Coromoto